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Biography: Connie Lampen


My journey holding a paint brush began at the age of 17. Art opened many doors as a young woman. I am a transplanted ‘Yankee’ from a very small town in Southern Illinois. When I arrived in Memphis in the mid-60’s, I did not eat turnip greens or say you’ll. I did bring a smile and a love of art with me. Memphis has become my home! After 26 years of service, I retired from FedEx, December, 2003. Retired and excited, I decided to paint with a purpose! Spending time with a brush in my hand gives me a priceless gift. It is the gift of sharing and giving beauty and healing to others. Art is healing. I have experienced this in my life. The ‘healing of art’ came as I placed my faith within the strokes and applied layers of colors to each canvas. Asking for guidance in life is very important. My heart and hand are guided. I know as I complete each piece, the sale or donation to help others is forthcoming according to God’s will. When painting a commissioned piece or one for exhibition, the first thing I do is pray. Therefore, painting is my passion and my ministry to help others. The gift of painting allows me the privilege of painting an abstract that is filled with serenity, a portrait filled with love, and nature filled with peace and tranquility. YES, art is healing! Touching a person’s life with kindness, encouragement, caring is utmost and priceless.




“Painting is truly my passion. My quest is to place peace in each stroke of my brush. Blending abstract with reality, I strive to place movement plus a message of tranquility & comfort within the colors of each painting. I believe art is healing in many ways. Making a connection with a person’s heart and giving hope in our ever-changing world is my goal.”

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