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See the work of Bartlett Art Association members here! View the slide show to the right to see some examples of the group's work that has been displayed at St. Francis Hospital. Click on an image to see it full size.


Click the names below to see the artwork of individual Bartlett Art Association members.

Members of the Bartlett Art Association work in a variety of media, from oils to stained glass to mixed media to photography.

Adair, Nancy

Beckwith, Dea

Beckwith, Richard

Bentley, Sheila

Caughey, Carol

Cook, Martha

Durand, Rick

Hassouneh, Faten

Hicks, Barbara

Hullender, Art

Ingram, Ellen

Lampen, Connie

Lindsey, Katie

McRae, Becky Ross

Morris, Frederick Lyle

Simmons, N.C.

Sligh, Jacque'

Smith, Vicky

Sowell, Gail

Swett, Sandra

Terrell, Jason

Thomason, Ann Brown

Tutor, Jeanne

Umphress, Joe L.

Umphress, Linda E.

Velazquez, Elizabeth

Wheeler, Jean

Wheetley, Marc

Woodhams, Jon


Others to come soon!


Thanks to BAA members  for their photos of artwork for this slideshow.

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