MONIQUE GREEN is the daughter of two very creative and talented parents, who raised her to explore art and its culture. She has many fond childhood memories of exploring all types art.

For 14 years, Monique taught art appreciation to preschool, elementary, high school and young adults and volunteered as an Art Director for a drama group. She has illustrated two children's books and loves to see the stories come to life with paint. Currently, she enjoys teaching a variety of classes where sharing her passion and joy to create is her greatest pleasure. Alongside these classes, she gladly welcomes any commissioned pieces, from pet portraits to wedding bouquets and more.

When not painting, Monique enjoys exploring her new hometown of Memphis, Tennessee, usually by bike with her husband and youngest daughter. They love finding coffee shops, parks, museums and art exhibits. She also loves to travel to visit their children, grandchildren and their families. Monique says, "Life is good when we enjoy the simple things."

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