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Biography: Frederick Lyle Morris


Lord Frederick Lyle Bartholomew von Thrauthemburg Morris - His Lordship began painting around 1965 and sold his first oil painting around 1970. His lordship has traveled the world, painting landscapes, huge abstracts that can be found in both France and Germany. He has painted for several royal families. Several paintings are located in the Christian Brothers Collection, Memphis TN; the Morgan Collection, New York and a variety of galleries in the USA and Europe. His Lordship founded the Beacham Arts Award which provides for emerging artist. Founded the Beacham Arts Gallery, Colorado Springs, is a Grumbacher Gold Medal winner for Oils,Grumbacher Silver Medal, as well as the SOAA Award in Art, the Commanders Award in Art; has been featured in New Art International, Art In America 1998 & 1999, The Swann Gallery, The Guiloime Fine Art Gallery, the Park University Gallery of Art and Taylor Gallery to mention just a few.


His Lordship is retired from Military and Government Service, a published author, an award winning poet, and supports a variety of charitiesL. His Lordship founded the Wagaen Boy's Home in Korea in 2004, had his first gallery showing in Paris in 1983-84, European tour 1998-2004, Keeper of Her Majesty's 15 Minute Sketchbook 2018, created art for HRH Princess Diana, served as Exhibit Chair for Red Ribbon Arts Michigan 1997. He also served as Chairman of Art for Ribbons of the Heart 1993-1996, and exhibits at WKNO Gallery 91, Tenn. He is a member of "InSights Artist Guild", the professional Artist Guild, The International Artist Foundation, the Joyce Foundation of Art and Arts for Life. His Grace exhibited throughout Europe from 1999-2002 creating huge canvases for local banks and businesses. His Grace exhibited a variety of works in Paris throughout 1996-2004. His Lordship's works of art toured Asia (Korea, Japan, China) from 2004-2006. Founder of the St. Andrews Guild of Charities, St. Elisabeth's Andrews Guild, The Beacham Awards, St. Tabitha's Guild and the Order of St. Catherina and the Von Thrauthemburg Cross and is housed with major collections in Aschaffenburg, Frankfurt, Main, and Berlin, Germany;  Paris, Nancy, Strasburg, France; Vienna, Sweden and Norway. 

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