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Biography: Barbara Hicks


Barbara Hicks lives in Lakeland, TN and was born in Tupelo ,MS  just like Elvis.  She says she started making her art so long ago, she "can’t remember when". She has always been drawing something.  Barbara usually works alone in her home studio.  "I really miss my sweet lab who was my helper."  Currently, she is trying to learn plein aire to loosen up a little.   Her experiences include illustrating several books for writers who were self-publishing.

Like many artists, she seems to be driven to paint.  "God gifted me with a talent I try to use to glorify Him." She admires John Singer Sargent, Normal Rockwell, and many modern wildlife artists.  Barbara does not have much formal art training. She attended the Contemporary Realist Academy briefly.  She also had workshops with Mary Minifie and with Adrian Gottlieb. She is mostly taught by trial and error and "lots of practice".

She paints in oils, painting realistic birds, animals, and children.  Her goal is to completely capture the animal or individual and works until she has completed the work satisfactorily.

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