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Biography: Elaine Dunning Evans

Elaine Evans lives in Bartlett, Tennessee.  She grew up in Blytheville, Arkansas.  She started making art early with her mother encouraging her to draw and color.  Art classes were not available in her school but she would add her drawings or posters to school projects for extra credit.  Her teachers were very impressed and alo encouraged her artwork.  Later, Elaine started teaching and enjoyed sharing her art skills by showing her young students how to draw basic subjects.  She also encouraged them by demonstrating her skills drawing and painting decorations for her classroom bulletin boards.  Ready-made educational materials were not available and she had to make all visual aids on her own.  She currently is exhibiting her artwork in and around the Bartlett, TN area.  Her most recent artwork includes pen and ink drawings, acrylic landscapes and alcohol ink pieces.


Elaine's main influence was her mother and her sister.  She has taken many classes and studied oil painting for several years.  Her favorite artwork is realistic animals, people and landscapes.  She enjoys drawing most, followed up by painting. 

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