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KATIE LINDSEY is a studio artist utilizing her painting and drawing skills for over 40 years. She grew up in Southern California attending Cal State University to obtain a teaching credential in Art Education.  Her work has been used in theatrical sets for the entertainment industry, and sold to private collections. Throughout her life, Katie has made her living in several arts and furniture related industries. In the seventies, after obtaining a degree in Fine Arts she excelled in visual merchandising. She worked her way up through the Walt Disney Company to head the Decorating Department at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California and was there for 20 years. Her home and studio in the Memphis area act as a showcase for her art work as well as her production skills. Katie continues to utilize her Fine Arts Teaching Credential trough several ongoing courses she is currently teaching. Recent works are being shown at several locations in and around the Memphis area.



My art is reaction and impulse.  I rarely can start a new canvas without being spurred on to pick up the brush by something I have been extremely excited by in my subject.  My first art discovery was in the 5ith grade at Mulberry School.  We had gone to the San Gabriel Mission and were asked to draw a picture while there.  I carefully drew what I saw and included a shadow from a palm tree that spilled down a wall, across the sidewalk and over the curb into the street.  This shadow identified the form; I was hooked on line, shadow and form.  It was my first drawing that rendered what I experienced.

My style varies from photorealistic to impressionistic.  My intent is to journalize my response to the subject in a way that share my feelings with the viewer.  I love seeing a viewer smile and lean in to inspect the strokes or to understand my colors.  Each person takes something a little different from the same picture and I'm happy with that.

My main influences are Cal State professors Al Porter who encouraged freedom of form, George James who pushed unconventional use of color, also Marguerite Fletcher who taught me to enjoy building the under layers of my paintings. I love enamel/cloisonné art, particularly Art Deco pieces. The artists I most admire are, Diebencorn, Thieabold, Caillabott, and Maxfield Parrish

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